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It’s Brocante time

It’s Brocante time
All set for your Brocante visits to France this summer?
The Brocante season really kicks off at Easter so it’s time to plan your trip.  A few tips if you are thinking of visiting one or two this season.

Tip one – go rural.  The best Brocantes are ones that are well established and in medium to large rural villages.  It’s one of the main events of the year and all the local farmers head for the bright lights.
Tip two – keep away from tourist areas.   France has large tracts of farm land that toursits very rarely visit, tourists mean higher prices.

Tip three – get up early.  It’s not quite the madness of British car boot sales where local dealers are out with head torches at 4am but remember arrivez a le bonne heur

Tip four – bargain, its expected.  Know your numbers – or carry a pen and paper and remember French ones (1’s) look a bit like severns (7’s)
Tip five – say Bonjour or Ca Va to the sellers.  Most foreigners don’t say anything until they want a price for something which is just not the French way.

Make a day of it, by around 12 pm most of the stall holders (often next door neighbours) are eating and enjoying the Ricard.  The Brocante is a social event, there is often food, music and a bar organised by the local Comité de Fêtes in the centre of the village
Bon Brocante


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